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Future World, Epcot Center

Horizons opened on October 1, 1983 and sadly closed on January 9, 1999. In this window of time it only began to enter the era of digital photography where it's now possible to snap everything with zero processing costs, thereby creating a valuable record of things we see that would otherwise only live on in our memories.

Unlike other Disney and Epcot attractions that have a prolific number of tribute videos and photo galleries which are added to daily with every park visit, Horizons photos are comparatively rare. And there's no opportunity to take any more...

A still from the "Choose Your Tomorrow" ending for desert
© Disney

Attraction poster exploiting the 'spaceship' appearance of the pavilion
© General Electric

Brava Centauri artwork
© Disney

Nova Cite artwork
© Disney

Nova Cite living room depicting grandfather and grandmother (narrators)
© Disney

The desert grandaughter talks to Tom as he laser locks his solo sub

Here's Tom in the repair bay

The desert daughter's hovercraft in the orange grove
(believe it or not, this prop is now at Disneyland Paris!)

The family arrive at Brava Centauri space station
© Disney

Horizons page from Epcot guide book.
Thanks to Caroline for the scan!
© Disney

In 2005 a pin badge was released to commemorate the attraction.
Mickey seems to be sitting in a Doom Buggy from the Haunted Mansion, but it's the thought that counts.

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There were a handful of GE cast members who worked the Horizons attraction. They did not wear the normal nametag that the rest of the WDW cast members wore.
Photo thanks to Benson Myers at www.nametagmuseum.com

A Horizons show control unit (removed from attraction)

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