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Horizons Merchandise

Un-official Horizons t-shirt on eBay

Newer un-official t-shirt design from FSG Originals on eBay
(I have one in yellow and it's very nice!)

Signage to Horizons, seen on eBay (there have been a few auctions for the same type of sign)
18" x 14", foam backing, it was used to direct visitors into the attraction while rennovations were being carried out.

I do not believe that any Horizons merchandise was ever for sale publically at the park - there was no 'exit shop' in the pavilion. These items below are thought to be from the GE lounge in the pavilion and were for for GE guests only.

Desk pads and books of matches

Drink stirrer, desk pad and book of matches

Horizons pen

Many thanks to Kristen Miller for the following photographs and information:

A GE-Horizons "Tickettote".
Executive Club members could purchase their park tickets through GE and they came in this nifty little folder.

Two postcards that I think came with our Executive Club goodies.

Here is Kristen in June 2006 sporting my homemade tribute to Horizons.
(It says: HORIZONS, If we can dream it, we can do it!)

Thanks Kristen!

More t-shirt designs - this time from Mike B who wore them when he visited WDW.


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If we can dream it, we can do it